Into 2018……

*** UPDATE ADDED BELOW ON 1/12/18 *** Hello everyone. I know this is about 11 days later than New Years but here is my post with several links to review the year 2017 and what we have witnessed via end times Bible prophecy being fulfilled going into 2018. Each year... Read more

Yes, Exactly!

This is almost exactly what I think about the UN decision made on December 23rd. Excellent video if you have not seen it yet….There are a few things I think a bit differently about but nothing that would be too far off. Just for example, I think Psalm 83 is most... Read more

Trump And A Flying Fig Newton

I keep on seeing a lot of abuse by fellow believers on other fellow believers who can see why Trump winning the US election may be God’s will leading into these end times. It’s seriously getting tediously tiresome. I would agree that people do not need to... Read more

The Fallen Earth & The True Home To Come

“In this final age leading up to the Second Coming of Christ – we find that the world grows darker and darker. But even when we were in the primes of childhood, we found that this life lacked certain things that made it perfect, or even a home. What a... Read more
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