See You In September…

** Note: click on feature pic above to hear the tune ** *** UPDATE 8/31/17 NEW VIDEO ADDED RIGHT BELOW. FIRST ONE ON TOP 🙂 *** This is a newer updated version of the post I made back in 2015 when September was front and center as a watch time. Much speculation is... Read more

Trump And A Flying Fig Newton

I keep on seeing a lot of abuse by fellow believers on other fellow believers who can see why Trump winning the US election may be God’s will leading into these end times. It’s seriously getting tediously tiresome. I would agree that people do not need to... Read more

The Revelations of Dr. Richard Day

The 4 part tape series below is well worth the time to listen to if you want to wake up to what is going on. Afterwards, if you have not already, watch the Fuel Project’s “Know Your Enemy” and the light will then switch on. In this taped series keep... Read more

The Distress of Nations, with Perplexity

Have I said how much I LOVE this guy’s take on things? Another Pete Garcia HOME-RUN! Pete says and writes what I think and it makes my laziness of writing about it so much easier when all I have to do is re-blog his take on these end times! LoL! Please remember... Read more

Only The Names Change

The facts and goals remain the same…Only the names change…Replace Paris with Orlando and the rest is the same and it will be the next time as well…Pray for us all and turn to Jesus now before time runs out for you. They keep marching forward with... Read more
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