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Thoughts On End Time Bible Prophecy

Now Approaching The: No One Can Buy Or Sell Unless He Has The Mark Of The Beast.

The links below speak for themselves. There is a global currency coming in the Tribulation that will require a mark. All markets will need to comply. More stage setting. It may take another year or so or not. Maybe it happens this year? We can't know the exact timing...

What you need to know about Agenda 2030 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Per End times Bible prophecy, there will be a one world government, one world money system and a one world religious system. The Antichrist and the FALSE religious prophet will head these things. What we are seeing is the puzzle pieces of this Beast system being put...

Tell The World Jesus is Coming Back!

If the thought and warnings of Jesus coming back again disturbs you or makes you upset then a heart check may be in order. Fearful of the unknown and a bit of anxiety about it is understandable but, God has prepared for those of us who love him, things we can not even...

26 Minutes of EXACTLY! 100% spot on!!!!

Take the 26 minutes to listen. This is what is happening right now. Everything that Alex Newman says in this is 100% accurate! The dust of the hoof beats of those Revelation war horses is hitting us in the face....There will be wars and rumors of wars....End of days...

Foreshadows of the Black Horse?

*** Update added under "Relevant Links" section *** While listening to this first video below, keep in mind that during the 7 year Tribulation it is prophesied that a loaf of bread would be as much as a days wage. We are approaching the Tribulation. TODAY is the BEST...

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This Was Excellent. A Must Read!

This Was Excellent. A Must Read!

Black Swan Song Although this won't be published until the first week of January or so, today's date is Saturday, December 31st, 2022. The last day in what turned out to be a prophetically supercharged year. In paraphrasing my friend Lee Brainard, we have moved out of...

Biblical Convergence!

Biblical Convergence!

*** Part 2 added on 9/28/22 scroll below *** This video done last night matches my post I made yesterday. Worth the watch! Also, very encouraging! Don't forget to subscribe to Tyler's channel: Generation2434  and Bro Chooch's channel: TOL End Times We are living in...

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