Just some more speculation for our watch after the Revelation 12 sign we have just been given on September 23rd. The first of the three videos below is a splice of two but each has some very interesting things surrounding them that should make us pause and think: “Is THE RAPTURE on or before November 3rd?” {I’m especially on watch the rest of the year but 11/2- 11/13 are intriguing 😉 }. It really should not be in question that the rest of this year should still be a watch period after the sign happened. 2017 makes so much sense. Besides the videos below please take the time to read the article Messiah’s Lament written by Hillary at Unsealed. Such a beautifully written article full of hope and edification. She offers some highlighted links throughout her piece as well so make sure to click on those and check them out. On a side note, I’d like to also mention that God will shine light on darkness before judgment falls on it. Just another warning sign to those who would listen and see. I find it extremely interesting how some of America’s idols have been being dealt with after the eclipse we just had on August 21. Both football and now Hollywood (via sexual harassment and pedophilia) are being brought to the forefront and taking some severe hits. Just things that make me go hmmmm is all. Now, back to our watch….Here are the videos of interest. Take them with discernment of course and pray on them or put them in your pocket while you watch for Jesus to come for us.

Even if the study or speculation turns out to be off, just the heartfelt desire to make sure people wake up and be saved is compelling enough to share. I offer a correction for the 2nd half of the first video though: On the Genesis 21:5 comment of a generation being 100 years, It is actually in Psalms and says this: Psalm 90:10 ~The years of our life are seventy, or even by reason of strength eighty; yet their span is but toil and trouble; they are soon gone, and we fly away….Now, moving on:

Is THE RAPTURE on or before November 3rd?

This one is A MUST HEAR video ! 🙂

Messiah’s Lament

by: Hillary at UNSEALED (click on link above or below for full article)

The prophetic urgency of the past several months has felt unsustainable at times, if I’m honest. (Can I be?) I’m not a good occupier. (Working on this.) I’m whole-heart-in, don’t-look-back, face-to-the-sky, come-Lord-Jesus. Behind the intensity, though, is a river of tenderness that keeps the tears flowing: Come, thou long expected. The Spirit and the bride say Come.

There is much work to be done. I celebrate every newly born believer while also aching in that liminal paradox of—Lord, so many remain unsaved! But I can’t bear another moment not seeing Your face! How do we ever find peace with this? The same way we always do, and I circle back around to it seventy times seven times a day: trust.

But I don’t want to miss a thing.

Trust anyway.

I didn’t feel so peaceful or trusting today, though. I scrubbed my dishpans with more vigor than I needed to, but I held a come to Jesus meeting with myself and my kitchen got real clean. So did my soul. After the polished neatness of September 23rd, with everyone hoping for a nice & predictable Rosh Hashanah rapture, the watchman community at large feels a bit scrambly. New rapture dates, caveats, theories, timelines, and what my friend Rohit calls “gospel shops” pop up by the hour on YouTube. It’s enough to drown in. It’s enough to spend the rest of my lifetime in, and I’ve got to draw a line somewhere. How much energy and precious time can I devote to the newest and latest revelation?

It’s easy to catch what the kids call FOMO, even for middle-aged, matronly folks like me.

So I’m cleaning house these days, inside and out. I crave simplicity and the sweetness of longing. A return to what I know so I can trust, anyway, when I don’t know. From here I stretch out my arms like tree limbs to the sky, with wholesome curiosity and childlike faith. I’m kneeling in the dirt, smoothing out trampled footprints, and beginning again.

What do I really know?

Less than I knew yesterday, and [disappointingly] this seems to be a pattern.

But right now I want to share 3 simple and irrefutable back-to-basics prophetic truths that you can hold close as you go about your Father’s business….FULL ARTICLE AT LINK


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