The video in this article is only 16 mins long. The goal is the same goal the enemy of God has always wanted….They want to kill and destroy God’s creation.They want to kill and destroy what and who God loves. This will be corrected and repaired by Jesus after it is all said and done and after the judgment has been meted out. DON’T be left behind in that judgment!! Chose the right side now! Today is the day of your salvation! You are fast running out of tomorrow’s to do it!

Click on this link for the article and video: Globalist ‘death cult’ launches all-out war on the essential elements of life: MUST-WATCH VIDEO Published by: Leo Hohmann


Relevant Link:

False Prophet Makes A New Encyclical. Shocker, It Pushes Global Government (Dated but still relevant. Scroll to the videos for more)


Like Never Before | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes (only 11mins)


Article reference by Tom Hughes above:
Like Never Before :: By Daymond Duck


How To Get To Heaven!! Click here.




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