I have been waiting to finish this post on the Fig Tree for a whole week or so. I have compiled some great links and video links below to help in understanding why this year going into next year in Spring/Summer is key via the Fig Tree Parable. I had been waiting on Bro Chooch (with help by Bro Keegs) to come out with the first video in a series he will be doing. He finally posted it tonight and it did not disappoint. I suspect each video will be just as great as the first one. Video one is below and as he adds the others I will share each link under the first video. You can keep checking back here or just go to TOL YouTube channel and make sure you sub to him to catch the others. Here it is….Enjoy


Rapture Convergence Theory 2021 – The Fig Tree Generation – Video #1




UNSEALED Posts and videos:


For more on why 2021 could be an eventful year, check out T.W. Tramm’s new book; Summer Is Near:





*** How To Get To Heaven ***


*** The Thing About Warnings ***



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