Sorry, I have been pretty busy lately and unable to post as much as I’d like. I’ll probably be busy up until after the Christmas holiday’s as well. I am interested still in the possible connection with Planet X and the Revelation 12 sign that is appearing in September on the 23rd in 2017 (per last post on Scottie Clarke and Jaco Prinsloo) and this video interview I took time out to share below also has information that is telling of that time frame as well. I think there is a good possibility that it all ties in together and is worth thinking about and keeping a watch on. This was an interview done by John Wells at Caravan To Midnight of Anthony Patch and Kris from End Times Matrix News. She has some very interesting and fascinating findings that she has dug up and will be in their book soon to come out. Please take the hour and a half to listen. It will make more sense if you have followed Kris and Tim at End Times Matrix News as well as Anthony Patch so if you haven’t please look into those interviews as well. Here is the latest:

DisCERNment or Deception with Anthony Patch

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