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I have been watching the events unfold since the horrific chemical attack in Syria. I wanted to wait to see how it all plays out and it appears to be getting serious and fast. This looks like it is the beginning stages to me now. I have been watching end times events unfold for a long time with ebbs and flows for the start of the end times battles that lead to and into the 7 year Tribulation and this is bigger than the past watches. In the past things have settled down but this seems different and I may end up having to add more information to this post if things unfold the way that I suspect. This is a growing event with news coming up hour after hour. BE READY, STAY AWAKE, KEEP WATCHING and, if you are not saved PLEASE consider it and don’t put it off any longer!!! If nothing else, we do know that we are not promised tomorrow anyway. We have no idea how long our lives will last on this Earth. Have an insurance policy in Jesus! Here is the latest by Pastor JD and it is a MUST watch!



“I can smell Isaiah 17.” Closely followed by Eze. 38-39. “Fasten your seatbelts,” says Amir Tsarfati. Be ready. Pray.


*** UPDATE ADDED 4/11/18 *** Amir’s special update from Athens on the situation in Syria as well as regional and international developments. (Just a side note..I don’t always agree with Amir 100% of the time but it’s important to show all angles on this. Just because you don’t agree 100% with someone does not mean that person is necessarily the wrong party. Time will reveal it all.)


“Trump’s Statement On Syrian Conflict. This is no longer against ISIS. This is now against Syria, Russia, Iran or ALL three. This is Major! How will Trump decide? What will be his course of action? Will it be military? We’ll soon find out!…….The prophecy of Isaiah 17 playing out in real time!!!”

“President Trump on Monday called the suspected chemical attack in Syria over the weekend “atrocious” and said the United States will make “major decisions” about its response over the next 24 to 48 hours.”


“A few weeks back Russia warned the world that the U.S intended to create a false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria in order to blame the Assad regime and justify military action. Who knows what the truth on the ground is but this is going to escalate. WW3 is just over the horizon. The good news is that God has other plans which are going to take the orchestrators of all this evil (and those who are asleep) by surprise.”  The Day of the Lord is coming. ~ (Paul Dawson)

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Watchman On The Wall 88
Published on Apr 10, 2018
Recently From Amir Tsarfati Over At Behold Israel News:

American strike in Syria is imminent. The guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook armed with Tomahawk long range all-weather cruise missiles just left the port of Larnaca in Cyprus and is less than 60 miles off the coast of Syria. Russia is warning that an American strike will have serious consequences. US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, just announced that the US is about to respond to the Syrian chemical attack. Stay tuned!
Recording of the radio communications of the commander of the Syrian armed forces, Brigadier General Suheil Al-Hassan, giving the order to attack the city of Duma “with all available means and all types of weapons” is already online. That was the order that was followed by a Syrian Air Force helicopter dropping the nerve gas two days ago!


Prophecy Alert! China orders its Navy to join the Russian fleet off the coast of Syria as the US UK and France prepare for war against President Assad for the alleged use of chemical weapons. Prophecy is on the verge of fulfilling on a major way.


*** UPDATED ADDED 4/11/18 *** Russian Command Center is Airborne


*** UPDATED ADDED 4/11/18 11:42PM est *** Breaking Details of US/EU Strike on Syria


*** UPDATED ADDED 4/12/18 *** Latest Facts on Syrian Conflict….This is well worth the time and consideration…Please don’t discount all of it if you do not agree 100%. Think it out and consider some of what he brings up. It’s possible that it could be very accurate. We will know more in time and absolutely when Jesus comes for us. It made me think of something that Dr. Ken Johnson said about the destruction of Damascus happening because of what the children of Israel do that he had found in ancient prophecies. I will post that right below and start it at the spot he addresses that….I just want to add that this is what I understand so far unless or until I get some solid and convincing evidence otherwise: Does the Bible say anything about Russia in relation to the end times?


Ken Johnson on Prophecy Watchers. This and the above will make you think. Dr Johnson will have a live show tonight (4/12/18) on his YouTube channel about Syria if you want to tune in…I added the link in the highlighted section. He starts at 19mins in but at the 19:30 mark he address Israel and Damascus.


*** UPDATED ADDED 4/13/18 *** Evidence in the Syria Chemical Attack { Within the first 10 minutes after the medical student interview you learn just how these false flag operations are done. There was an actual explosion by someone (and no, this does not mean Assad is Mr Rogers or Willy Wonka but he most likely is not behind it.) and people did suffer from fear and smoke inhalation so something did in fact happen, just not what the propaganda would lead us to think. Time will reveal what is true. But,they are wanting their “order out of chaos” to begin so that the Antichrist can take the reigns with his false peace. Spoiler alert: Jesus wins! }



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